Tristina Wright

27 Hours

27 Hours Cover 27 HOURS (Entangled Teen :: October 3, 2017)
An ensemble cast of queer teens living on a colonized moon must race against the clock to stop an attack that would make the war between species a war of human extinction.

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“In addition to its captivating humans-versus-monsters premise, the book features an admirably broad treatment of gender and sexuality—LGBT and asexual characters serve as the norm rather than the exception—in this futuristic world…An open, imaginative work of YA science fiction.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Tristina Wright’s 27 HOURS combines science fiction and fantasy against the backdrop of a world so vivid you can smell it. A whirlwind of action and romance surround its diverse cast as they fight against a ticking clock to survive and save their home from destruction. Readers who loved Laini Taylor’s DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE or Brian K. Vaughn’s SAGA will be on the edge of their seats at the end of Wright’s first entry in THE NIGHTSIDE SAGA.” - Alexandra Duncan, award-winning author of Salvage, Sound, and Blight

“Tristina Wright presents a world that will at once thrill and horrify readers and make the most vulnerable of us feel unambiguously welcome and valid.” - Meredith Russo, award-winning author of If I Was Your Girl

“Tristina Wright has masterfully crafted a world that’s as fascinating as it is dangerous. From the terrifying monsters to a refreshingly inclusive cast of characters to the bonds of friendship at the heart of this story, it has everything you could possibly want. If you’re looking for your next favorite space saga, look no further.” - Tara Sim, author of Timekeeper

“A dynamic cast of teens drives this exciting and topical story of ecology, colonialism, and resistance.” - Kate Elliott, critically-acclaimed author of Court of Fives and Cold Magic

“Vibrant world building, heart-pounding action, and a cast of characters so real and vulnerable they’ll steal your heart make 27 HOURS an unforgettable read. This is the queer science-fantasy epic you’ve been waiting for.” - Claire Legrand, acclaimed author of Some Kind of Happiness and Winterspell

“An exhilarating ride from the very first page, filled with fiercely original monsters, and a cast as enthralling as they diverse, 27 HOURS is everything readers could want from a space epic. And more.” - AR Kahler, internationally best-selling author of The Immortal Circus, The Pale Queen, Ravenborn, and Runebinder

“A big, badass space epic with a truly inclusive cast of teens who have strong friendships, high-stakes love lives, and a central place in the adventures of the cosmos. Wright carves out a gorgeous, complex future world and brings it to life, hour by action-packed hour.” - Amy Rose Capetta, author of Entangled, Unmade, Echo After Echo, and the upcoming The Brilliant Death

“27 Hours is an amazing new addition to YA science fiction, featuring a cast of characters you’ll love. A tale of monsters, the moon, and fighting for what’s right.” - Laura Lam, author of Pantomime, False Hearts, and Shattered Minds

“From the diverse, inclusive cast to the non-stop intense action to the visually lush world-building, Tristina Wright’s debut has everything I look for in a great YA novel. And I truly can’t wait for her second book.” – Eric Smith, author of Inked and Branded, editor of Welcome Home