Tristina Wright


w3sPSp6C_400x400.jpg I’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions and put them here for your enjoyment. When in doubt, holler at me.

How do I contact you?

All inquiries: – tristina (at) tristinawright (dot) com

Please note: if you’re emailing me to tell me queer folks are inappropriate, same-sex kissing is wrong, or anything of the like, please save your and my time. There are millions of other books out there for you to enjoy.

What genres/categories do you write?

Science Fiction and Fantasy. I love space, obviously (gestures to website design), and fantasy and monsters and kissing and all expressions thereof.

I wrote a book!

Congratulations! That is a BIG DEAL, and I’m so incredibly proud of you.

Will you read my work?

Do you know how much I would love to read the writing of each and every person on the face of the planet? I love words. However, I have an established group of critique partners and beta readers and, combined with their words and me needing to write more of my words, I simply don’t have the time. But there are amazing writing communities on twitter, tumblr, and facebook, and I can pretty much guarantee you someone is looking for a critique partner or a beta reader at any given time.

Where can I read your stuff?

You can find all information on my writing here!

Your hair is amazing.

beams Thanks!

I really want to get published. Any advice?

The best advice I can give you is there is no one golden piece of advice. Write your butt off. Query until it burns. Or self-publish and self-promote. Surround yourself with other writers. Live your life because that’s your greatest source of words. Be respectful, but don’t ever lose your sense of self. Learn how to wait and find new things to work on while you’re waiting. Don’t ever forget you’re a storyteller. You’re related to a vast and varied group of people who told stories around campfires and inspired imaginations of children. It’s an amazing, wonderful, frustrating profession.

Who’s your favorite author?

Well, that’s an impossible question to answer. Picking out one shining author above the rest is like asking me which of my children is my favorite. Every author I’ve read has provided something different – escape, entertainment, inspiration, feelings, research, etc. Hit me up if you’re looking for someone specific.

That was a cop out answer.


You write full time AND take care of kids?

Yes! I also make a mean grilled peanut butter and honey.

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

Die Hard

Do you pants or plot? Do you come up with story or characters first?

My writing style changes with every book. Some books I’ve pantsed 100%. Some I’ve done half and half. Some I’ve plotted out from page one. However, the one constant is that I always think of characters first. My characters are very real, borderline imaginary friends. I talk to them, carry on conversations with them. They tell me their stories, and I write them down.

Will you marry me?

My amazing hottie of a husband beat you to the punch, but I’m flattered. Really.