Tristina Wright


Below you’ll find links to my words on the internet, from where to buy my books to articles I’ve written to short stories scattered across the web.


  • Welcome Home - Welcome Home collects a number of adoption-themed fictional short stories, and brings them together in one anthology from a diverse range of celebrated Young Adult authors. Flux 2017

Short Fiction

  • The Siren Son – Lightspeed Magazine (August 2016)
    The day the dragons came, Neal kissed a boy.
  • Call Sign - The Hanging Garden (January 2017)
    When I first saw her, the curved lines of her body glistened under the white lights of Station Capulet.
  • Bright Lights and Daydreams - The Hanging Garden (April 2017)
    Mikoto sagged against the wall, his bare shoulder scraping against the rough stonework. His favorite shirt was torn. Out of everything else that’d just happened, why that one irritated him the most, he had no idea.
  • Star Sisters - The Hanging Garden (June 2017)
    They say we are all made from star stuff. That our very bones are built from the grains of exploded stars, fused into the shapes that hold us upright.

Guest Articles